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What is Online? Online Online is surely one of the greatest shooting adventure possible so you have to focus on what do you have to do and successfully help this pilot to get rid of all the enemies and opponents and kill them before they kill you. Some moving triangles will be the airships so you have to control one of them, which will belong to you. Use the arrow keys for this and for shooting, press the Space Bar. There will be a black panel as a background and many more other blue blocks so you have to hide behind them when the opponents' attacks are coming. Do not get touched by them, because this simply means your death and you have to wait until you respawn. Good luck in this challenge and be so insight, shooting in different directions and trajectories, trying to get rid of the online enemies, online players from all over the world. Good luck for the last time and have so much fun in this incredible and so awesome adventure with this fantastic pilots from all over the world and make sure that you won't waste your bullets, but use them for killing!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys, SPACE bar

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