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What is Online? Online Online is just another fantastic online mission so let's get to the work right now in order to prove that you are the greatest when it comes to this incredible collecting game, which offers you the occasion to use the mouse in order to collect each piece of block which you can find in the whole map from this incredible game. The blocks will be some colored squares and you have to figure it out how to collect as many of them as soon as it is possible, in order to do not get captured by another bigger player than you. In the right side of the game screen, there will be the score board so you can see there from how many pieces is your body of blocks made of. Judging after it, you could decide if you are able to crash onto the other players which you will definitely meet. Avoid getting crashed by them because if they are bigger than you, you will die and you whole pieces will be spread down and collected by your killer. Good luck and make the right strategy in order to be the number one at the end of this special ability and insight mission!

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Use the mouse