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What is Swoop?

This is definitely one of the most incredible, cool and so awesome ability and skills game, with this incredible airplane, who doesn't really need another introduction, so all you have to know is that you could easily use the SPACE bar in order to keep it flying, up in the skies, above the lands, which mustn't be touched by the airplane, or the mission is over and there is nothing anymore for you to do.

The best thing about this game is that you can see such a perfect landscape from the air but do not let yourself distracted by such things like this one, due to the fact that you really have to concentrate on collecting all the diamonds and gems in the air, so make sure you won't miss one of them.

Do not forget that it is also so important for you to do not crash onto some hard and powerful clouds, because they could produce so many damages for you and your plane too so let's try to become the greatest pilot for this airplane! If you touch the ground or the water, you will definitely die and your mission is over. Make sure you won't let something like this happen and do not hesitate to use all your skills and accuracy in order to accomplish this mission!

How to play?

Use the SPACE bar

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