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What is Online? Online Online si definitely one of the most incredible, cool and so awesome adventure, especially brought by this amazing and so cool gaming site only and just for you. First of all, you have to know that using the mouse is so necessary for you so let's prove that you are the best in this adventure, going from side to side, as often as it is necessary in order to prove that your snake is smart enough and of course, skilled enough in order to do not crash onto bigger players or more powerful enemies than itself so this will be up to you! Use the mouse to select this little guy's trajectory in this pit full of cobras and different online players, which will have bigger snakes than you so your goal is to eat and collect as many shining and sparkling dots as it is necessary in order to become the king of this pit full of snakes. Good luck and have so much fun in this cool and so amazing ability and skills mission and prove that you have everything which is necessary for proving that you are the best snake in the pit. Do not crash onto the walls or in the bigger online player or you have to start from the beginning everything. In the right up corner of the game screen, there will be the ranking score board for you so you should watch it constantly!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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