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What is Online? Online Online is just one of all the great and so incredible games, especially made for you, brought and developed by our amazing gaming site! This fantastic world is full of this kind of animals, which are not actually some animals, but some beings, called aomal. Your hero will be a square, a green one who really needs your help so let's make sure that you will help him grow faster and avoid getting eaten by some bigger players, or getting crashed onto the walls of the game. Use the arrow keys in order to move and wander there from side to side and the most important thing from all of them is to keep your anomal away of the mushrooms which will be attacking him, sometimes but even while they are standing, it's not recomended to touch them or to interact with them so let's get to the work right now and prove that you are the best when it comes to this cool and so fantastic online game. Eat all the vegetables and ham from the ground and do not touch the walls or another online players, which are bigger than you because this will cost you pretty much. Good luck for the last time and prove that you are able to keep this guy successfully fed up in this fantastic adventure!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys

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