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What is Online? Online Online is such a great onine mission, another important and so cool one, which offers you the occasion to use the mouse in order to prove that you are the greatest when it comes to this cool and so incredible game, adventure and strategy one, which challenges you to prove that you can successfully win this special hexagon competition, where you have to defend your military base, which will be a hexagon. Prove that you are able to do this and build up a lot of your own bases next to the main one, where will be the capital, in different hexagons, next to each other. Watch out, because the other online player will chase only one goal, and this one is to conquer your territories as soon as it is possible. Try to kill them all before they attack you so you would better build up your own base as soon as it is possible and take care in each side to do not be attacked and the best defence is the attack itself so let's get to the attack! Good luck and conquer a lot of hexagons, which belong to your oppnents of course, or even some free ones, which are easier to be conquered!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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