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What is Online? Online Online is just another online mission, such a great io online adventure, as the past ones, from the other days. First of all, you have to know that as you've maybe already observed, in the last period a lot of io online games have been realeased but this one is definitely one of the greatest! Use the mouse in order to move your lands and blocks of square, different coloured, but which are yours, must be the same colored. You will have a main square, which will be the center and the main base of yours, there will be your general. Use the mouse in order to click on different blocks and spread your terriories all around these lands but also make sure that you will make your bases strong, in order to be so difficult for the enemies to get them down as simple. Also, you should focus on attacking the other players' lands because they could get even touched with you so at that point they will be so dangerous. Kill them all in the shortest time and double click on a square in order to divide it and add the other half of the power which has remained in different spots or places. Good luck and use your so well war strategy, use yourself the mountains which will be some barriers for you but for your opponents too so get to the work now!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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