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What is Online? Online Online is just another incredible Io online mission, which offers you the occasion to use the mouse in order to select the right trajectory of this incredible and so cool fish, your piranha, which will be your character! Control it and lead it to eating the most of the shinning dots from the bottom of the ocean but not only, because they will be present absolutely everywhere so all you have to do is to move there and find them in the shortest time, eating them for increasing your piranha's size. You must create your own shoal of fish, of Piranha fish so for this, you have to collect successfully each shining dots which will give you food and this food will born new offsprings for you! Good luck in this incredible ocean io online challenge and avoid getting crashed or interacted onto and with another shoal of fish, bigger than you or with some jelly fish because they could really damage your shoal and your Piranha too. It is not important your Piranha's size, but the size of your shoal of fish so make sure that you will get the largest one and this way you will be always in top of the ranks, available for you in the upside of the game screen!

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Use the mouse