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What is Online? Online
Chess is one of the most incredible sport ever, a mental sport which involves so much accuracy and skills at the same time! This fantastic game is the cool online version of the real Chess in the real life but with so many online players and everything is simply random! This is definitely the occasion for you to impress with your chess skills so find a piece in order to move it over and over again, in different places in order to beat online players from the big table. Conquer neutral or pieces that belong to other players. Decide what chess match size you want to play in and make sure to beat the top score of Online, to get a reputation. A reputation which can't be beaten by any other players could e created only by a great practice so make sure that you won't miss a chance to make it. Each piece has its own way to be moved so you have to think so much about your following moves! Get to the work right now and show off your moving skills and your chess abilities in the shortest time possible, without wasting your time. In the corner of the game screen, there will be the little map where will be shown to you the big pieces of the chess of the other players, all over the world, so go to them as soon as it is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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