Car Punch

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What is Car Punch?

Car Punch
Car Punch is such a great and so amazing game and adventure, where you have to get rid of the cars from the road. All of them must be got off of the road as soon as it is possible so make sure you will punch them in the shortest time possible with so powerful punches coming from the outside of the road as soon as it is possible.

The punches, the red one and the blue one will be coming from the outside of the highway so make sure that you will hit the cars which will be coming with such a great speed. The timer, the time which will count down is so necessary to be followed due to the fact that if it runs out, you won't have any other chances to win. Hit as many cars as it is possible in the shortest time, clicking in the necessary part of the highway, where you consider that the next car will come from so make sure that you will anticipate the right direction of the trucks.

The goal is to get the maximum amount of points possible in the timer so make sure you will establish a brand new high score, impossible to be beaten or overcame by any other players online! Good luck and destroy all the cars with the boxing gloves punches and follow your score in the left side of the highway!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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