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What is Online? Online
Blasterarena is a kind of bomberman adventure where all you have to do is using the arrow keys in order to move and the space BAR in order to place some explosive stuff, some bombs which are meant to kill all your opponents. The top raking in the right side of the game screen will be another motivation for you to create a great competition for your opponents and of course, a great high score, impossible to be overcame or beaten in the real time. Each online player will be started in a corner, a different corner so you have to start moving to another one in order to get successfully to them and bomb them for making them waiting to respawn! If a single flame of your bomb will touch them, they will die and this will be available for your enemies too so avoid getting killed and just kill! Before you start this mission you have to get rid of the the blocks between the walls of the maze in order to destroy them and make sure that you will make empty all the paths and channels in order to be available for you to get to the another opponents in the shortest time possible. Go for it right now and blast them all!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys, SPACE bar

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