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What is Online? Online
Total darkness will conquer the whole map at the beginning of the level so all you have to do is to get rid of it in order to be able to see everything what happens to your territories and places in the right moment. The war has already started so all you have to do is to adapt to this situation and this way you are going to have no other problems in this fantastic ability but most likely strategy mission! Place the mines, which are so important, turrets and many more this kind of special war elements in different places and spots and make sure that you will make light, because if you judge it right, this is the most important. Defend your place and do not get attacked so even in the darkness, place your turrets and mines in strategically places in order to do not get down by the enemies attack. Select a nickname and join a server from the three available for you but watch out in order to do not be all of them full and then start compete against some experienced players from all around the world. Go for it right now and do not get your strategy destroyed by the other players!

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Use the mouse