Battle Escape

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What is Battle Escape?

Battle Escape
A deserter really wants to get rid of all this army stuff and things and he wanna go home alongside his family and avoid the war which has just started because he could easily die. The way he has chosen is maybe more dangerous than staying and taking part in the war itself because he has picked up to cross the army ground in order to get to the final road, where his family is waiting for him so let's help this deserted soldier reach at them successfully and alive.

The way he has chosen is so dangerous because he must cross the army ground among the huge war trucks, tanks and so many this kind of huge machines which are wandering there, from every direction, all the time so you have to find the perfect passages and get through them as soon as it is possible or you will get killed by them, crashed onto them and of course, crushed by the tracks of the tanks or the wheels of the huge cars and trucks.

Good luck and reach as farther as it is possible without dying, this is the most important aspect so let's prove that you've got everything which is necessary for escaping successfully from the war! Good luck for the last time and take your chance now!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys

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