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What is Online? Online Online is just another fantastic IO online mission, where you have to face so many online opponents from each corner of the world, guys who have some real guts and experience too, so let's prove that you are the best in this fantastic mission, trying to kill anyone who stays between you and accomplishing your goal. First of all, you have to know that using the mouse will be necessary for you so with the left click you will kill and attack and with the other one, with the right one, you will defend yourself from getting attacked by any other opponents. Slay the other players before you get killed and do this by using the arrow keys or the A, S, D, W keys in order to move around there and when you are next to an opponent, you should start attacking, of course, only if it isn't too powerful for you. If it is, you would better stay away in order to do not get slain so collect the little dots in order to get experience and size and get to the next levels. Good luck and select between these two servers, Europe or North America! Avoid the bacteria which will come to you, which are some nasty red monsters with spikes whose role is to kill random players to attack them too!

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How to play?

Use the mouse, arrow keys