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What is Online is such a great ability game, which offers to you the occasion to use the arrow keys in order to jump over another online players, also some huge balls, bouncing ones just like you are! The main mission from this game consists of getting over another opponents of yours, for making them lose and this way you will get some extra points for the raking table in the right side of the game screen, which will be permanently available for you to see which player is in the top! Firstly, pick up a nickname and start bouncing! Jump higher than your online opponents with your ball, using the up arrow for jumping and get over them! Do not let them hop over you, because this means losing the game so you will need to wait for a respawn! Make sure that you won't run out of time or moves, getting between two opponents because this way you will got no chance! Keep hopping over and over again and do not get disappointed by letting the other fool you with their strategy so build up a greater strategy, worth taking seriously in consideration! Good luck and prove that you are the greatest bouncing ball all of the balls present in this competition so get higher and higher and more important, get over your opponents!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys

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