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What is is maybe the most adventurous IO adventure, also an online one, full of activity and of course, full of adrenaline, especially this one, where you have to prove that you are the best guy when it comes to driving these fast cars, in the toughest conditions ever possible! First of all, you have to know that using the mouse will be everything and so necessary for you, due to fact that you need to select the trajectory of the racing car by placing the mouse in the right direction, thing which won't be easy at all. In the end, you have to drag it as far as it is possible from the place where the car actually is in order to keep the speed increased! When a curve comes, you have to move so fast the cursor of the mouse, which will also be the steering wheel of the car so let's prove that you are the best in this incredible challenge! Do not forget that you should pay close attention to the other players, which could easily crash onto you and make you pretty confused but still try to keep the right direction and adjust the speed just as much as it is necessary! Good luck and end this race on the first place, earning the greatest time possible and points too!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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