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What is fantastic adventure is such a perfect io online game, a great multiplayer adventure just as you've been accustomed to in the last period. Make sure that you will be the greatest limax, the greatest survivor and the ultimate fantastic limax able to collect each little sparkling dot from the map of the game screen, catching even some bonuses sometimes in order to increase your size suddenly and for killing the other players, by absorbing them in your limax, so this way you will get bigger and you will also smash your rivals. Build some walls in order to make the other players, smaller than you and follow all the time the leadership board in the right upside of the game screen. Watch your progress all the time and use the left click in order to hurry up and increase your speed instantly for collecting the dots before your opponents. Do not co-operate with another players and build up your own strategy in order be so original and crash the opponents as soon as it is possible in order to have no worry. While you are trying to get bigger, avoid getting absorbed by another players because this will definitely kill you once and for all!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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