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What is is such a fantastic and so incredible shooting and io online game, which brings you the opportunity to use the mouse in order to shoot and boost your speed and of course, the arrow keys in order to move over and over again, wandering there, among the stars and of course, another players so ready for accomplishing their purpose, which is the same as yours: killing all the other opponents and becoming a master over the Universe! As we all know, Universe is unlimited so you won't have the opportunity to explore it all, but the gaming map will be bordered with some thin blue lines. Avoid crashing with your spatial ship onto the planets and another spatial bodies, avoid getting crashed and absorbed by bigger players than you and of course, earn experience by killing the other players using the mouse for shooting them and finally make sure that you won't miss the occasion to destroy all the meteors and all the spatial bases which stay between you and accomplishing your goal and this will also bring you some experience. Have no mercy and make sure that you will be the master in the ranking top!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys, mouse

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