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In Online the mission and the purpose is apparently simple, due to fact that you need only to keep the balance between shooting the other oppponents, online players, and focusing on defending yourself and of course, keeping your ship on the right trajectory, due to fact that there will be a pretty tough mission for you to keep it in the right movement, because you it will be wandering there, with no logical clue, because of the space's lack of gravity so you have to be very insight. Beside this, you also need to avoid crashing onto the little planets or spatial bodies, present all over the space, in order to do not lose from your size, once you've entered in contact with them. Also, you have to use the SPACE bar in order to start the missiles assault so make sure you will destroy the other opponents you will get and get rid of any other concern. Using the SHIFT key, will help you activate your shield, so useful in the moment you will be attacked by another players with the missiles and guns, this shield will protect your from all of them but it won't last just for a couple of seconds so pay attention and try to get out of their road if you can't rezist!

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How to play?

Use the arrow keys, mouse, SPACE bar, SHIFT key