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Published19.12.2016 is just another incredible online mission, a io adventure, so special and incredible, which brings the best in you for overcoming your abilities and skills when it comes to conquering successfully these territories as soon as it is possible, with this sliding snake, over and over again. First of all, you have to know that using the arrow keys will be so necessary for you in order to lead successfully your crawling snake, but the difference between the typical snake games and this one is that the snake will let behind its body, so anywhere you've passed, there will remain a trace behind you, a trace which is actually your snake's character body. This isn't going to be easy at all, but it will definitely worth the effort so let try to conqeur as many territories as it is possible and kill your opponents, as the leve you are fighting in requires from you. For example, in the first level you have to accomplish five kills successfully so let's find opponents and kill them all, using the Q key to shoot, of course, if you've got bullets and ammo, so necessary for you, W key in order to defend yourself when it is necessary, when you are assaulted and E key in order to have a wider view!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys, Q key, W key, E key

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