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What is presents to you the unleashed power of the worms, which wanna become some snakes, big one and so proud of themselves and you, players from all around the world will be their help in this fantastic mission! Once you've attended to it, you should take the responsibility and make sure that you will bring the best in you for this mission in order to make your worm the largest snake possible and there is only one thing in this world which is generally available for growing, eating! Eating so much food and that's exactly what you must get your worm used with! Collect the little sparkling dots from all over the gaming screen map in order to increase your size so much and also you have to avoid getting in contact with another worms, bigger ones. If you face smaller ones, it is indicated to eat them all, because they are such a great source of energy and sparkling dots for you and the additional thing is that you will get rid o an opponent. Good luck and let's get to the work as soon as it is possible, getting rid successfully of the competition and also avoid getting in touch with some dangers areas, which will slow you down so much!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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