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What is is such a fantastic io online adventure, this time which challenges you to play one of the most incredible and so funny game, rock, paper and scissors, such a famous game, known all over the world! This fantastic game is made up like a perfect mix and combination between chess and rock, paper and scissors so you have to adjust the gaming table this way as the rock, scissors or paper to be arranged in some strategically ways, in different sides of the game screen, in order to make sure that you will win all the challenges. Each of you will move in a row so you have to make sure that you will successfully make your moves counts. Do not forget that it is so important for you to know that you can move a piece, after you've arranged them all, only two squares difference from where you are at the moment. The beginning of the game proposes to you to take care of your half of the map, putting ten pieces, anything you want, scissors, rock or paper in ten different squares and then press on ready and you will wait for your opponents and then start playing! Also, when you can, use the bombs for creating yourself an advance!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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