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What is is an exploration game and adventure, where you have to show off your incredible accuracy and talents when it comes to wandering there without getting absorbed in some black holes or of course, when it comes to shooting another opponents, if you can't eat them! The movement will be pretty different and difficult until you learn how to do it. W key will be for acceleration so press it for starting moving and then put the cursor of the mouse in the opposite side from where you can't to go to and this way you will get in the wanted direction! You will be an asteroid so you have to make sure that you will collect another little spatial bodies and of course, the smaller asteriods than you, another online players from all over the world, you have to eat them and also make sure that you will avoid getting eaten by bigger opponents than you. Avoid the black holes, which will absorbe you inside them and the bigger players and this way, you have no way how to die! Make sure that you will have the greatest conditions and also become the number one asteroid in Universe!

How to play?

Use the mouse, W key, E key, Q key

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