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MassiveMatch really deserves its name due to fact you need to build up such a great bounch of animals, in order to be destroyed while they touch each other, as in the rest of this kind of matching games! This time, there will be an online io mission, multiplayer with players from all around the world and the internet, most of them anonymous so you have to watch out and pay close attention, because they can easily steal your moves and their points will increase, not yours. Each level consists of getting an amount of animals or robots or whatever is required from you down, in the bottom side within a required numbers of moves. In the bottom left corner there will be the ranking so you can keep an eye on it all the time in order to see which place you are in the list so try to get the top of it and for this, you need to hurry up and to play with so much insight and ability. There will be millions of that kind of animals there or even robots so each level will require a different task from all of you so make sure that you will be from the first ones who can make it happen!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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