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What is Online? Online online is just another io online adventure, a great multiplayer mission where you have to use your abilities when it comes to harvesting and farming in some of the thoughest conditions so let's make sure that you will collect all the pollen available from each flower you see, of course, if it isn't always taken by the other player. After you've got some experience, you can steal from the other players because they will try to steal from you too so make sure that your strategy will finally win. The pollen will be represented by some blue dots and the goal is to let them attach naturally to your bee, and using the mouse to control the trajectory, you have to drag them to the hive! Do this thing over and over again until you gain experience and win points and increase your hive to be the biggest and the strongest from the game and finally don't let the other players steal from you but you can steal from them if there aren't any other hives available for you. Good luck in this incredible io online challenge and make your hive be the greatest one, and you have the occasion to sting or stab the other players and make them die, collecting their pollen too!

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Use the mouse