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What is
Snowfight is just another incredible io online mission, with so many players from each corner of the world so this multiplayer challenge offers to you the occasion to use the arrow keys in order to move and wander there successfully and the mouse in order to aim and shoot the other players with your little character which will be dressed up just like a mini Santa Claus, in red clothes and everything. You have to avoid getting hit by another players from the online world because with each snowball, because the snowballs will be the projectiles, you will get your life consumed a little so avoid running out of life at all. Good luck for the last time and improve your shooting ability and skills and accuracy, making sure that you will successfully dodge and shoot at the same time and if you accidentally got hit, run away because your life is regenerable but it takes time. With each online player slayed by you, you get points and with an amount of poins you advance in levels. Good luck for the last time and become the top of the ranking board from the right side of the game screen, with the fewest deaths!

How to play?

Use the mouse, arrow keys

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