Dreamfields 2

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What is Dreamfields 2?

Dreamfields  2
In Dreamfields you have the occasion and the opportunity to use the mouse in order to make sure that you will successfully find out the perfect way to build yourself the perfect and the ideal lands from almost the scratches so let's get to the work as soon as possible. The first mission consists of selecting the gender of your character, so pick up from girl or boy. You will be rewared for absolutely each useful thing you will do, anything, it doesn't matter but it is important to have some positive results. The goal is to use your hero in order to make from this almost ruined place a great place to live in. Collect coins, build up new kitchen and new rooms, do some duties and get the reward in nature for your works, like wood and crystals or maybe diamonds. The goal is to make sure that you will build up, step by step and easily, you greatest Dreamfields so let's get to the work as soon as possible. Do not forget that it is so necessary for you to extinct your territory, get some food, rest and get experience because this is the only way you can advance in levels. Invest the collected food, money or materials for getting new materials and make so many chances like a real merchant! Good luck and have so much fun while you are playing this adventure online game!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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