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What is is such a great io online mission, a multiplayer adventure where you have the occasion to use the mouse in order to shoot the other players from any position possible and for this, make sure that you won't spend too much ammo because if you do this, you will not only run out of them, but also you will become smaller and smaller. The other goal is to collect as many glowing dots as it is possible, in order to increase your size and volume and for this, you need to use the arrow keys for the movement. As you collect more and more glowing dots, you will unlock new weapons and this way will help you kill your opponents easily. If you shoot with no logic and just like this, you will fast lose from your size because each shoot projectile or bullet, will take a bit from your size so this will make you more vulnerbale in front of your opponents. There will be so many lines and different geometrical shapes which must be used by you as some ricochets so make sure that you will use them wisely to shoot another players. The ranking top is in the top left corner so follow there you evolution!

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How to play?

Use the mouse, arrow keys