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What is is such a great and so cool scorpions arena games, where you need to use the W and S keys in order to move your scorpion forward or backward, it depends on the situation and use the mouse in order to select the right direction for making sure that your own goal will be collect and crafting jewelries, precious stones in different colours and of course, killing the other scorpions as soon as it is possible, with your poisoned sting! Remember that scorpions sting with their tail so make sure that you will adjust the right body direction of this scorpion in this arena in order to sting your enemies with no problems, killing them so fast before they manage to run away from the place they've been at first! Do not forget that it is so important also to make sure that you won't get stung by any of those monsters and collect the gems and jewels from the ground full of sand. Good luck and make sure that you will be the best when it comes to this scorpions mission and kill the other scorpions with no other issues! Go for it right now and check the map to see where are the rest of the online players in this io online multiplayer mission and become the top of the leadership board!

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How to play?

Use the W, S keys, SPACE bar