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As you can judge after the title of this game, this incredible and so cool io online multiplayer game allows you to use the mouse in order to start occupying all the territories which must be occuped by such a great skiller just like you so let's get to the work right now, before there will be too late and make sure that you will have no trouble in getting the largest territory from all the online players engaged in this awesome strategy and thinking game. Watch out, because you need to move fast in order to expand as fast as possible or you will get smashed in the shortest time! Try to take successfully care of your base so do not let it have common borders with the other empires from opponents because they could attack it anytime and destroy it and once destroyed your base, you are done and all your occupying places until then, gets in their posession so do not let one like this happen to you! Good luck and use the mouse for selecting correctly the positions and the places from this map. Do not forget that it is important to place your territories on some strategically places so think fast and act faster!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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