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What is online is the latest online multiplayer adventure and this special game has prepared for you something really cool and awesome. In the middle of the space, limited this time by some borders, which is the game map, where you can manifest your powers, a lot of spatialships will fly there, with no trouble, making up fleets with the main goal of conquering the rest of the fleets by shooting them. Every player will start the same, with a single triangle as a spaceship, and use the SPACE bar in order to shoot the glowing triangles. With every triangle shooted by you, there will appear an additional spatial ship to your fleet. The main purpose is to gather up as many of them as it is possible at a single place, making up the greatest fleet and then you can start shooting the other armies. Make sure that you will kill them all, using the space bar for shooting the opponent fleet and make sure that you will have a bigger fleet than the one you're attacking or you shoot with more accuracy! Go for it right now and become the greatest in this fleet spatial shooting adventure!

How to play?

Use the mouse, SPACE bar

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