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Tank Wars is here so you have to do something about it! First of all, you need to know that this challenge is so important, because once you've joined it, you need to get away successfully, killing all the opponents in order to make sure that your team will be the last one standing! There will be a lot of players and only two teams. Each player will respawn after death, so don't worry if you get killed but focus even more and try to become a real shooting legend! Use the missiles and projectiles of your tank, in order to shoot the players, but watch out, only them from the opponent team, because if you shoot a player from your team, it won't affect it and you will only waste your bullets. Make sure that you will avoid getting killed, hidding behind some borders an different places in this battle field, in the moment when your tank is too damaged. Build up a strategy with your team so do not just attack just like this, without any strategy, because you won't have too many chances to survive like this! Check the leader board in the top side of the game screen in order to make sure that you will reach the top easily!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys, mouse

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