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What is

In online, there are so many cars and all of them have the main purpose, of getting higher and higher and becoming some real monsters, like some trucks or buses or even something bigger. The goal is to use the mouse in order to make your car go from side to side so as you place the cursor of the mouse, in that side there will go your car. Create a path, the right one, collecting the colored dots on the floor and they will help your increase your weight so much. This isn't going to be actually easy so prove that you are the greatest in this cool and so fantastic cars adventure and also crash onto another, smaller cars, in order to increase your size so much. This isn't going to be actually good for you if you meet and interact with bigger cars so avoid this thing because you get destroyed and also avoid crashing onto the walls, which are actually some borders. Good luck in this incredible and so cool car arena challenge and use the mouse for tailoring exactly the trajectory of your car in this arena!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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