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Definitely one of the most incredible type of game, this special io online mission, challenges you to use the mouse in order to control the right trajectory of those ligths balls as soon as possible and focus on keeping the right distance between you and the bigger players, who are willing to kill you. The goal is to collect as many little glowing dots from the floor and they will instantly make you bigger and higher when it comes to the amount of size so make sure that you will build up a real monster. Go for it right now and also, try to kill another players, smaller than you or even a little bigger, by shooting them successfully by clicking on the game screen. Go for it right now and with any killed player, you get extra points for your final highscore so focus on increasing your score successfully and becoming the top of the leader board. Do not forget that it is so important for you to keep in mind that you don't have to be touched by bigger players so this way you will have no other problems!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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