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Such a perfect gladiators killing and destroying game, this fantastic fighting mission offers to you the occasion to use the mouse in order to destroy anyone in your face, with the axes or different swords, ready to kill anyone who stays between you and accomplishing your goal. this isn't going to be easy at all so prove that you are the most incredible fighter ever, wandering there all around the game screen, but not just like that, without a purpose, but for killing the opponents, attacking them with the arrow keys, left or right. Also use the space bar for jumping and doing some stunts and look for shelters when you get attacked. As you kill players, you earn points and with the earned points, you need to upgrade your character soon and make it so hard to be defeated. In the top side of the game screen, there will appear the leader board for you so follow it successfully in order to focus on reaching the top of it. Become the greatest adventurer possible and a really tough gladiator and collect the dropped items by the other players!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys, mouse, SPACE bar

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