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In you need to select a name at the beginning of the game and then start the adventure, trying to collect football balls and lead them to goal, which involves getting through or next to a lot of opponents, that may stop you from achieving your goal, reaching the goal and scoring so many points. There will be unlimited time but a limited amount of balls so not every player can carry at the same time a ball so there will be some players trying to stop you from carrying your ball and stealing it from you. Try to steal also the balls from another players by crashing onto them and dashing them for damaging them and also scoring many points. Check the score board in the top side of the game screen and follow reaching the top of the table in the shortest time possible. Go for it right now and show off, in this amazing and so cool football adventure with some balls as the players. When you run out of life from too many crashes, you need to respawn so the same will do your score too!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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