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What is online is probably one of the creepiest ever io online adventure, which offers to you the occasion to use the mouse in order to establish successfully the trajectory of the butts you are going to control in this special task so let's make sure that you've got everything necessary for farting in the right position, for chasing the right goal. The main preocupation you have to take care of is using the mouse for collecting different colored beans and after this, fart them! By farting, you will shot them so that's what you need to focus on, farting as far as it is possible in order to aim and shot different other butts, for getting them down! Fart so nice, trying to kill that way so many other butts, online players from all over the world with the main purpose just like you. With each bean collected, your size increases so you must focus on getting bigger and bigger, why not the biggest in the whole gaming map. Good luck and pay close attention to the details, trying to avoid running out of space to go if a bigger butt is chasing you. If it manages to crash onto you, you're dead so avoid letting this happen. Good luck for the last time and impress with your amazing talents in this special domain! Use Q, E, W keys for shooting or doing different actions too!

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How to play?

Use the mouse, Q, E, W keys