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In, the goal is to eat as many little stuff on the ground as you can find and of course, to kill another players but also eating them, dragging them back to you with your sticky tongue. This sounds great but it isn't actually that easy because in order to eat another players, you need to be so grown and of course, to achieve a significant amount of points until at that moment! is a fun arena game for player vs player game in a multiplayer world. Tap to shoot, after choosing your favorite kind of living weapon. There will be so many dropped items by the dead players and you have to collect them as soon as it is possible! Collect the items dropped in the surroundings to upgrade and become stronger. Survive the incursions of other players and subdue them to your will. This upgrading is going to be so useful for you so that way you will increase not only your size, but your power and of course, the ability of eating another players, stealing their points that way. Avoid getting trapped in some dangerous situations and getting eaten yourself and focus!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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