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What is online is such a great online player vs player adventure, where, controlling a ball, you have to deal with each kind of situations and of course, tasks, with the main purpose of getting your ball straight through the other balls as soon as it is possible, in order to get them down, killed and of course, successfully vanished from this whole game. But before doing this, you need to make sure that you will increase your size enough, in order to do not just get there, with no sense and being the smallest one, because if you do not collect enough coins, you have no chance! The coins are available on the ground of the game screen so collect them before anyone else comes and steal them from you and the more coins collected, the bigger your ball will be. Good luck and prove that there is no other better adventurer than you in this special task and of course, make sure that you will bump successfully your ball into another ones, by clicking the left side of the mouse, for accelerating suddenly. Do not fall in the pits from the borders and different traps in the middle of the game map and pay so much attention!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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