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What is offers to you the occasion to play against so many other online players, trying to wander there, reach the safe spots if you are damaged and of course, killing the other players as soon as it is possible. The goal is to defend yourself from the bullets released by the other players, lauched by them in the following mission so let's get to the work right now, trying to win and conquer each duel in this special online task. Also, you have to press B key to select and buy new weapons if you have enough money and of course, if they are unlocked and then start chasing opponents. At some point, after several experience earned, you can even summon different zombies to be your army, chasing another players and killing them without making you even raise a finger. Become the master of this duels fights and do not hesitate to become the number one in the ranking board top, in the top right side of the game screen! Shot them all and leave no one alive around you because this is the only way you can survive!

How to play?

Use the mouse, X, C, F, B keys

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