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What is Online? Online online challenges you to build up from the scratches a whole kind of villange, which must be yours of course and for this, you need to pay so close attention to each detail and make sure that you will be the best builder ever. After building up the village, even a more important task is to defend it from the assaults of the other players, who are trying to steal it from you so kill them all with your special weapon, which is an axe or a kind of knife, or even a wooden stick! The more players gathered up and working as a team, the higher are the chances to succeed so let's make sure that you will do your best for creating the greatest village ever and then for protecting it with no issues. Good luck for the last time and improve your amazing and so cool builder up talents by hitting trees and collecting their items offered to you. Hitting the trees or different bushes, will not only bring you items that may help you in building up your village but each hit will increase the level of your experience so let's get to the work as soon as it is possible. Kill the opponents if they are getting too close and when you are attacked, try to smash the competition by summoning your friends from your team to help you or you can play by yourself!

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How to play?

Use the arrow keys, mouse