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What is is such a great io online adventure, where you have the occasion to face so many other people, from each corner of the world, so that's why this adventure is so funny! Get to the work as soon as it is possible and move your cell, using the mouse in order to establish its path and direction all the time and collect the colored dots from the bottom of the game screen, where down there, on the ground, will be so many of them. They must be collected because they will increase your size and of course the size is so important in this surviving adventure. The goal is to get the biggest from the whole map, and after a while, when you are already grown, you have to start eating another players, eating other cells for increasing yours! Good luck and remember that you can only do this if you are much bigger than your opponent so that's why you should pick carefully your opponent. After a while, you can even select a skin for your cell hero, with any image you want but this option comes with a great amount of points! Check the ranking table all the time and do your best to reach its top!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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