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What is ? online is such a great, fantastic and so amazing multiplayer adventure, where punching another players in their faces or in strategically spots on their bodies is so important! Make sure that you will be the best fighter possible and brawling, you can earn any fight if you are tough enough. Upgrade your character and this is maybe the greatest IO online game you've ever played and that's exactly because of the graphics of it. Good luck and pay close attention to the details and at the beginning of the game, accomplish a short tutorial which indicates to you exactly the right keys on the keyboard or the mouse to know how to use them. The action is so much alike GTA San Andreas but even cooler! Use the W, S, D, A to move and the mouse for punching or defending from another opponents punches and do not get too damaged! The controls are much more complex but you will learn it from the tutorial with no problem. In the top side of the game screen, there is indicated to you the amount of endurance left for you so let's make it happen right now! Brawl and fight, becoming the greatest with your fists!

How to play?

Use the mouse, arrow keys, Left Shift, L key, C key, SPACE bar

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