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In online, there is such a great story about the fighting fields, which are filled with two armies, of different types. Your mission once you've joined the game is to pick up a name and then you will placed in a team, a randomly one. After being placed there, in a team, you have to use the arrow keys in order to move and wander there, wherever it takes in order to make sure that you will meet your opponents but not how they want, but how you want to, being able to kill them from as few shots as it is possible. Your team will be dressed in way and the other team in another way so that's the way you recognize them! Make sure that you will not get trapped in a place and get slaughtered and of course, the characters are balls any of them, implicit yourself! Try to make sure that you will jump over the platforms, get over the walls, collect different weapons and lives or even bomb the enemy's territories in no time and this way you make them respawn. Become a great top player, by killing more players and killing more than dying. Good luck and have so much fun in this killing adventure and waste no time!

How to play?

Use the mouse, arrow keys

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