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In, you have to figure out a way to survive by only wandering there, eating, collecting and exploating different resources, for making sure that you will not ever run out of food, life or energy of course. There is a great life cicle, like in the real life, with day and night, forest with green spaces, trees, herbs and fruits, animals, dangerous or friendly so all you have to do is adapt to the situation as soon as it is possible and then you have no issue! Try to make sure that you will not let the awful wolves or different animals to kill you and make no enemies because there are some higher scored players than you, who've got some weapons meant to use for the resources, but you can't know how they are going to use them so they can hurt you so bad, to killing you. Make sure that you will only follow your lead and if you can't because you are pissed off by another player, kill him how you can! Use the arrow keys or the A, S, D, W keys to move and the mouse to shoot or strike so firstly pick some fruits and only then do the rest of the things, like hitting stones or digging!

How to play?

Use the mouse, arrow keys

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