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What is is such a great and so cool io online game, which offers to you the occasion to prove that you can successfully use the mouse in order to drag the mouse for placing the right spot where you want your hero to go as soon as it is possible, in the shortest time and with no hesitation. Make sure that you will build up a really well developed empire in this fantastic wolrd of hexagon pieces and draw with the trajectory of your piece, the borders of your territory and then get back and get with your geometrical piece right in the bunch of the other hexagon piece of yours, for completing the fresh established borders. The goal is to use the mouse in order to get as further as you can to the main base and then quickly come back to fill the space between the core and the border but watch out because while you are off with drawing new borders, some other bigger players could enter your space and infest your territory, conquering it all and of course, making you lose and collecting your points and most importantly, your territory. Good luck in this awesome and so cool online multiplayer adventure and only stop when you consider that you are the best in the ranking top!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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