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What is ? online is such a great pirate shipping io online game, which offers to you the occasion to use the mouse in order to successfully move your pirate ship in this fantastic and so huge water, with the main purpose of getting rid of the enemies which are chasing you and finding the colored marbles, which are actually a bunch of different colored bubbles, which must be shot as fast as it is possible. Try to focus on keeping the target colour the same with the one of the shooting projectile in the cannon and make sure that you will not crash your pirate ship into the bunch of marbles anyway, because it could cost you the whole mission, being needed to respawn. Good luck in this fantastic and so cool shooting accuracy game and prove that you are the greatest shoter ever. Do not forget that it is also so important for you to adapt to the situation and only shoot the right colored ones, because if you have a red projectile it is useless for you to shoot the green bubbles, because you will only waste ammon and waste points this way too. Let's start this adventure right now!

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Use the mouse