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Your health is the most important thing so if you manage to keep it safe and high all the time, you could successfully start the plans for another things, like building a real empire alongside another players, from so many other knights just like you, with buildings, your own garden where you can plant seeds of food or vegetables, grow animals and of course, become a real master and king on those lands. There are opponent players, from the online world, trying to stop you from achieving this goal so let's stop them before it's too late. You do not have to make a priority from killing the other players, but focus more on killing animals for meat, cutting down the trees for extra wood, hit stones because you need some and of course, there are either some eggs, which must be collected by you. Let's get to the work right now and using the mouse to hit with your sword, which also could be upgraded later, and the arrow keys in order to wander there, all over the game map and screen. Go for it now! Do not forget that it is so important for you to keep yourself healthy so seek for glory now!

How to play?

Use the mouse, arrow keys

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