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In Paceman, there are a lot of pacman little circle characters, with the same purpose all of them. The goal is to use the mouse in order to collect as many glowing dots as it is possible, this time not for increasing the size of your character, but the speed of the game. The graphics is pretty well so you have to seize the glowing dots, which are so visible for you, as many of them as you can because this way you only prove that you are skilled. The better you play, the higher is the speed so let's start this challenge now and do not stop until you kill as many players as you can and also, collect so many dots. It's important for you to never let yourself eaten or killed by another players so make sure that you won't run out of time or space, because pushing your opponent out of the map of the game, is also a way to destroy him. Good luck and the one who survives for the longest, wins this special competition and gets in the top score board. It's a io online task so everything is changing all the time so you can't predict what it is going to happen and when!

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Use the mouse