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What is is a great shooting and dodging game, which offers to you the occasion to use the mouse and the SPACE bar too, in order to make sure that you will collect as many glowing points as it is possible and not only, because you will always need to dodge the borders and different walls which may be some real obstacles for you so make sure that you will not run out of space to move and also, avoid getting smacked by the opponents. Being an online game, it involves a lot of other online players who are trying to chase the same goal just as you, collecting so many points and shooting the opponents to destroy them and this way gather up so many points to score. Also, there is a restricted area so you need to avoid getting crashed onto the walls, borders or getting shot by another players because a single bullet it's enough to kill you and make you restart from zero everything. Good luck and as you collect the points, you increase your size and then, using the SPACE bar increases your speed but it also involves losing from the size of your tank. Kill the other tanks and be the top of the league!

How to play?

Use the mouse, SPACE bar

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